Weekly Update:Feb. 24th-Feb. 28th

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Weekly Update: February 24th - February 28th, 2020

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Lenten Prayer 

Lenten Message

Week at a Glance 

February 25th school closure message



A Prayer for Lent

“God our Father, You formed us from the dust of the earth and

brought us to new life in Christ through the waters of Baptism.

We ask you to change our hearts as we journey through these

forty days of Lent. Help us to see Jesus in everyone we meet,

and to serve Him in all persons, especially the poor, the sick and

the lonely. By your grace, may our prayers and sacrifices this

Lent help us grow closer to each other and to you, as our family

in Jesus. We make this prayer to you in His name. Amen”.



The Holy season of Lent begins this year on February 26th with Ash Wednesday. We will be having our Ash Wednesday Liturgy on that day at 10:45 am . Lent is a time to renew our commitment to living the Holy life that Jesus asks of us. All are welcome to attend our liturgy as we begin our Lenten journey.

Lenten Charity at St. Luke

To fulfill the Church’s Lenten mission of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we will be supporting , throughout the Lenten season, we will be raising funds to purchase water purifying systems for First Nations Reserves. For more information about our lenten project, please visit their WEBSITE Helping Save the Planet One bottle at a time.

Friday, February 28th- HAT DAY! Don’t forget to wear your favourite Hat! ($2.00 donation)

Friday, March 6th- PAJAMA DAY!  ($2.00 donation)


                                              Week at a Glance  

Monday, February 24th

  • School Open

  • Public Health Nurse Presentation-Grade 4 

Tuesday, February 25th 


Wednesday, February 26th

  • Pizza Lunch

  •  10:45am - Ash Wednesday Liturgy- all are welcome to attend!

Thursday, February 27th


Friday, February 28th

  • Grade 3 and Grade 6 FSL pathway selection forms are due

  • Popcorn Friday 

  • HAT DAY! In support of our Lenten Project ($2.00 donation)

The following message is also available on our Board website.

Visit https://www.ocsb.ca/labour

Dear Parents and Guardians

Schools Closed Tuesday, February 25, 2020

All Ottawa Catholic School Board Schools (OCSB) will be closed Tuesday, February 25, 2020, unless an agreement between the Province and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) is reached. The closure affects all OCSB Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary schools. 

No Bus Service

There will be no bus or van transportation for Catholic students. 


​​​​​​​OECTA is participating in one-day rotating strike action on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. Schools re-open on Wednesday, February 26.

What Else is Affected by the One-day Strike?

The one-day closure also includes all regular school day activities, Co-op, OYAP, Dual Credit, home instruction, extra-curricular activities, field trips, and clubs. 

Community Use of Schools

OCSB Community Use of Schools programming is NOT affected by the one-day provincial strike.  

What About Child Care Programming?

Before and after school programs will be cancelled for the day. However, all Ottawa Catholic Child Care Corporation Toddler and Preschool programs and all EarlyOn Centres will be open and will operate according to their regular hours. A list showing the status of individual child care programs is on our Board website at https://www.ocsb.ca/labour.

Government Reimbursement

Parents who wish to apply for government reimbursement for child care costs related to labour unrest may direct their questions to the Support for Parents Helpline at https://www.ontario.ca/page/education-contract-talks-stay-updated

Negotiations Update

OECTA did meet with representatives from the Central Bargaining table on Wednesday and Thursday ( Feb 19-20/2020). Those talks were described as respectful, and both sides have agreed to keep the lines of communication open. This news is hopeful.

Parent Information

We will continue to monitor the progress of negotiations and provide regular labour updates through our website, social media channels and directly with families through School Messenger to keep you up-to-date regarding labour negotiations.https://www.ocsb.ca/labour/

Thank You

We recognize labour unrest causes difficulties for students and their families. We thank you for your patience as the collective bargaining process continues.


Denise Andre

Director of Education


Please visit our school WEBSITE for additional information throughout the year as well as a calendar with all important dates and times for various events. Follow us on TWITTER and be sure to visit our FACEBOOK page! 


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