Weekly Update: April 8th-April 12th

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Weekly Update: April 8th - April 12th 2019

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Celebrating Excellence

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“Heavenly Father, As I enter another week of my Lenten journey, guide me to the path that leads to you. Fill my heart with gratitude, patience, strength, and peace as I strive to become the-best-version-of-myself, honestly admitting my shortcomings and sins. As I renew my resolve each day to become a better person, let me hear your voice in the deepest reaches of my heart. Give me rest in you. Help me to accept others, showing them your great love instead of casting judgment. Stay with me through the busy days this week and remind me that when I need comfort, solitude, wisdom, or guidance, I can always turn to you. Help me develop discipline and generosity through fasting and almsgiving, and come closer to you through prayer this Lent. In your name I pray, Amen”. ____________________________________________________________________

Week at a Glance

Monday, April 8th

  • Celebrating Excellence (St. Paul Catholic High School at 4:00 pm)

Tuesday, April 9th

  • Catholic School Council Meeting (6:30 pm, all welcome to attend)

Wednesday, April 10th

  • Pizza Lunch

  • Grade 3 SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Presentation

Thursday, April 11th

  • Girl’s Basketball Tournament

Friday, April 12th

  • Popcorn Friday (2$ per bag)


Celebrating Excellence Award

Each school is asked to select one exceptional student whom exemplifies one or more of the Gospel Values. The Gospel Values include Community, Dignity of Persons, Excellence, Faith, Hope, Love and Stewards for Creation. This student will be the recipient of an award and will represent St. Luke at our annual Celebrating Excellence Ceremony on Monday, April 8th at St. Paul Catholic High School..
This year we are pleased to recognize Kaelen in grade 5. He will receive the Celebrating Excellence award and will represent St. Luke. Congratulations, Kaelen!

Thank You
This past week, we welcomed Claudia Salguero who alongside students and staff, as well as volunteers, completed a used tire project. We would like to extend a special thank you to Claudia and to our dedicated volunteers who helped prepare and launch this meaningful project. To view additional photos and videos, check out our Twitter feed (@LukeNepean).
Be sure to take time to admire these beautiful planters which will be placed outfront of the school!




Have you Voted?
A special education teacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board has been nominated for the Norwegian Cruise Contest. This nomination has been greatly supported in the past 2 weeks throughout our school board, the city of Ottawa and it has gained global support on social media. Nancy's story is a journey of courage, hope and optimism. In her role as Itinerant Resource teacher with the OCSB Student Services and Special Education Dept, she is a champion of accessibility, inclusion and assistive technology. We invite you to read the nomination below and to cast your vote here: https://goo.gl/LCrFfK
You can also read her full story in the link provided. Thank you for taking the time to vote for Nancy!


Mrs. Agostini’s Class Project

Mrs. Agostini’s class read the novel titled "Out of My Mind", by Sharon Draper. A story of a young girl confined to a wheelchair who could not voice her thoughts; she had a severe type of Cerebral Palsy. Mrs. Agostini personally wanted to invite people from the community in to speak to the students about Cerebral Palsy and how the lives of those who have Cerebral Palsy are affected. Jules from the Ontario Cerebral Sports Association (OCPSA) was a guest who demonstrated to the students that no matter what you're given in life, there is always a way to participate in activities. Jules demonstrated this through a modified game of Bocce, where in the Cerebral Palsy community it's called Boccia. Jules allowed the students to see and play with the modifications. From there, students met an athlete named Sean Miller. He came to the school and was interviewed by the students in her class. This gave them an opportunity to have a first hand understanding of his daily life, his struggles as well as his accomplishments with his experiences with Cerebral Palsy.

Following these interactions, their next steps were developed by the students. They decided that they wanted to be in a wheelchair for a day as well as be silent for those who do not have a voice. The students contacted Canada Care, who donated 15 wheelchairs. In addition, the students developed pairings and a seating plan to ensure accessibility for the wheelchairs. They emailed the staff within the school to inform them of these events. Furthermore, they connected with the junior teachers to let them know their intentions as well as what to expect on April 2nd and 3rd so they could ensure inclusivity within their lessons planned for those days. The students have made a slidedeck to inform our community about Cerebral Palsy and our project.


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