“Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Workshop

posted Apr 12, 2018, 10:31 AM by St. Luke ‎(Nepean)‎ School
St. Luke Catholic School Council, in partnership with The Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa Carleton (LDAO-C), is pleased to offer an outstanding workshop dedicated to helping children, adolescents and adults who experience social, emotional and behavioral challenges related to their learning disabilities.

April 24th, 2018 starting at 7pm
St. Luke Nepean Elementary School
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“Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Workshop is an interactive, energetic and very enlightening workshop for everyone! This workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of what it is like to have learning disabilities (LD’s). Participants will engage in a series of exercises that simulate problems with memory, decoding words, written expression or reading facial expressions. Through these exercises, participants gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of LD’s and a practical understanding of the implications for everyday life and mental health. This workshop is probably unlike anything you've participated in. What more effective way to understand learning disabilities than to experience it firsthand! A trained facilitator will put you and your group through a series of simulations and exercises that will give everyone the feeling and better understanding of what a child or adult with learning disabilities experiences every single day of their lives.

It will help participants:
● Understand the emotional, social and behavioral impact of learning disabilities.
● Experience the challenges of having a learning disability.
● Understand the overall impact of learning disabilities.
● Identify effective strategies and approaches.
● Understand terminology used to examine learning disabilities.
● Empathies with what it’s like to have a learning disability.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes is:
● Experiential Interactive and Customizable, expect to walk away from it amazed!