posted Apr 29, 2017, 4:19 PM by St. Luke ‎(Nepean)‎ School

    The grade five students in Mme. Bilder and Mrs. DiGaetano’s class have engaged in a Deep Learning journey alongside the grade 2 students at St. Anne. We have partnered with students at Alookie Elementary School in Pangnirtung, Nunavut to learn about Inuit culture and community. Throughout our journey we have learned that food and shipping costs in Nunavut are unbelievably high and decided we wanted to do something about it.

    The Northern Shopper generously donated two crates to our project. We plan to fill these crates with supplies tailored to the specific needs of the Pangnirtung community and ship them once the ice permits.

    In order to cover the cost of these supplies and shipping, the students at all three schools took pictures of their communities and created an awe inspiring photobook. This unique photobook is a collection of visual representations of the similarities and difference within our communities with multilingual captions written by the students.  The proceeds from each book will go directly towards this cause.

    You can purchase a copy for $15.00 in the Learning Commons or through School Cash Online beginning Education Week.


Thank you,

The grade 5 students